Saturday, April 2, 2011

Glory Hole Locations In Orange County ,california

warning of possible changes to the General Plan of Estadilla to facilitate for mining in the Sierra de la Carrodilla

IU Estadilla Mayor calls to halt the project for the exploitation of quarries.

IU's candidate to the Parliament of Aragon in Huesca, Miguel Aso complains that, as has been informed, "Estadilla City Council could amend the General Urban Plan (Plan), so that could come today to mining in quarries in the Sierra de la Carrodilla.

"Specifically, the General Plan continues to be associated in its initial approval, gave a degree of protection to the soil cataloger Special undeveloped land, according to our sources, provisional approval, next phase of planning, was changed to Generic developable land, a change which is alleged to be maintained until final approval and would allow the extraction. "

Aso said that "the mayor of Estadilla and the socialist group that protects it knows the reasons for change, but it seems clear that the City did not want to hinder the realization of this project and documentation that might change the soil General Plan. " In his view, "any solution to stop this nonsense from the City and to this end, sufficient that the City undertake a specific amendment to General Plan to relocate the ground as undeveloped land, specially protected and / or urge the Government of Aragon to declare it a degree of protection such as a Site of Local Interest, which paralyze the licenses on the spot. " "In any event," Aso added, the City has the upper hand and can stop this nonsense if they want. "

United Left opposes the exploitation of these two quarries for the irreparable damage in the archaeological, environmental and landscape may have on the area. "We therefore call Estadilla Mayor and, in turn, president of the Shire of Somontano, who cares, as it does when you apply the return of goods found in Catalonia, not to lose the important assets we have here in the Sierra de la Carrodilla and do not look the other way, "he says and concludes that" the mayor can take appropriate action the municipality without relying on other organisms. "


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